Climate health innovation equity fund


The Climate & Health Innovation and Equity Fund (CHIEF) is a collaborative initiative addressing the intersection of climate, health, and equity. CHIEF aims to build climate-resilient and equitable health systems through investing in and accelerating innovations, breaking the silos, and building systems and capacities for the most vulnerable.

With its international partners, CHIEF aims to develop a $500m pool of innovative blended catalytic finance instruments, to advance climate change health resiliency through targeted investments and technical assistance.


Thank you to all contributors for shaping this dialogue. Let's continue working together for a future where climate, health, and equity intersect seamlessly.

At COP28 HIEx, jointly with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), convened the discussion "Emerging Financing Models at The Intersection of Climate, Health, and Equity". The session focused on CHIEF's mission: building climate-resilient and equitable health systems through innovation and collaboration. Global experts shared insights on prioritized health investments, sustainable energy integration, and impactful partnerships.