Biovitae® is a patented UV-free LED microbicidal light designed to sanitize environments and surfaces effectively. It addresses bacterial proliferation without harming human health, offering infection control in various settings.


Its application areas range from homes to public spaces like airports, schools, hospitals, and more. Biovitae® is versatile, scalable, and compatible with existing lighting systems, making it an impactful solution for infection control. Notably, it has demonstrated high effectiveness against the new coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

man in blue and white adidas crew neck t-shirt
man in blue and white adidas crew neck t-shirt

EPFL Essentials Tech presents an innovative protective suit designed for challenging field use during outbreaks like Ebola.


Prioritizing caregiver protection and patient care, the suit features advanced air flow for cooling, a full-face shield for communication, and a one-piece design for prolonged comfort. With a focus on reducing waste and logistics, this reusable suit enhances the working environment for healthcare workers while improving communication with patients.

Multiwave introduces a groundbreaking development in medical imaging with the world’s lightest portable MRI Scanner. Recognizing that 90% of the world population lacks access to MRI due to cost and specialized infrastructure requirements, Multiwave aims to make medical imaging more affordable and accessible. This AI-powered, ultra-portable MRI scanner is 30 times lighter and 10 times more affordable than conventional scanners. It delivers diagnostically relevant images of the brain for adults and children, encompassing conditions such as stroke, oncology, and hydrocephalus. Operating on a standard power outlet or battery power, the scanner eliminates the need for liquid helium and consumes 10 times less energy. The dedicated app accompanying the device enables diagnosis via tele-radiology.


The impact of Multiwave's innovation is multi-faceted, ranging from improved access to MRI in developing countries and reduced healthcare costs through early diagnosis to easy installation and maintenance. The device proves valuable for bedside diagnosis and emergency settings, including its potential use inside ambulances for early stroke diagnosis (currently under development). This technology serves remote locations and underserved populations, addressing the limited access to radiology services through tele-radiology.

Omitech played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying Vivaldi AI technology and robots to monitor patients' health parameters, minimizing infection risk and PPE usage. The integration of autonomous robotic units in Covid-19 wards enabled real-time patient-staff interaction.


Currently, Omitech works on the "Home Care" project, utilizing social robot systems to assist patients at home, detect emergencies, and provide remote caregivers with updated patient status. Their dedication to social robotics and healthcare improvement is evident through collaborations, including responding to the COVID-19 emergency.

Rigitech revolutionizes delivery services with drone technology, creating an AirBridge Network to connect sites such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and warehouses.


Specializing in rapid medical sample collection and delivery, RigiTech aims to centralize inventory, decrease medical waste, and prevent shortages. Their 360 Solution provides flexibility to create routes and add drones while maintaining fleet operations, addressing accessibility challenges and ensuring nearly instant access to essential medical supplies.

SurgiBox introduces the SurgiField®, an ultraportable sterile environment designed to protect surgical sites and medical providers from external contaminants and patient bodily fluids.


CEO Mike Teodorescu's study in Ukraine demonstrated the SurgiField's effectiveness, reducing patient infection and improving air quality. SurgiBox addresses the global impact of surgically-addressable conditions, offering a versatile solution applicable in emergency and routine settings, enhancing safe surgery where it was previously challenging.