KITA, a fam-tech mobile app, takes center stage in Jakarta, offering valuable assistance to Indonesian families navigating the complexities of parenting. With over 67,000 app downloads, a monthly active user base exceeding 17,000, and a Gross Merchandise Value surpassing $7,000 USD, KITA has secured a financial boost of $214,000 USD from esteemed Angel Investors.

They are actively seeking partnerships, additional funding, and network strengthening to enhance the impact of their app and create a comprehensive support system for Indonesian families.


Little Joy, a digital startup, pioneers a holistic ecosystem dedicated to the first 1000 days of children's growth in Jakarta. With a revenue of $114,000 USD and a user base exceeding 40,000, it stands on a solid financial foundation supported by a diverse funding consortium.

Little Joy aims to redefine childhood development and provide a comprehensive ecosystem for the crucial first 1000 days.

little joy

LoveCare, the inaugural online marketplace in Indonesia, intricately links professional caretakers with families in Jakarta. In the fiscal year 2022, they recorded a revenue of $301,022 USD, showcasing a remarkable growth rate of 404%.

With 209 paying users in 2022, LoveCare seeks additional support for marketing, development, operational enhancements, and mentorship to further enrich its journey within the caregiving marketplace.


Neurabot, a Digital Laboratory Platform and medical AI data labeling software company in Yogyakarta, operates in the revenue-generating phase.

With a total revenue of $45,708 USD and 1,212 users, Neurabot seeks funding for continued development and innovation in AI solutions, as well as broader market access to ensure the widespread impact of its digital laboratory platform and medical AI solutions.


PedisCare, a healthcare-focused startup in East Java, delivers multifaceted healthcare services, including home healthcare, wound care, edutraining, retailing healthcare products, and research.

With a revenue of $152,892 USD and over 12,000 users, PedisCare seeks additional capital investment, training in business expansion methods and management, and networking opportunities with venture capitalists and angel investors for sustained growth and efficiency.


PrimaKu addresses critical challenges in child health in Indonesia through its innovative community-based parenting ecosystem. Facing issues such as undernourishment, stunting, insufficient vaccination coverage, and children not reaching their growth potential, PrimaKu connects parents, pediatricians, and health facilities through its digital platform.

As a pioneer in digital child health apps in Indonesia, PrimaKu collaborates with the Indonesia Pediatric Society, serving as a key expert in child health. With over 1.2 million users nationwide and a significant impact on child health and development, PrimaKu improves child growth conditions and prevents malnutrition, endorsed by the Minister of Health Indonesia.


In response to Indonesia's mental health challenges, Riliv emerges as a comprehensive mental health app addressing disorders like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Riliv offers online and offline therapy, meditation, self-guided journals, and self-assessment tools.

Making strides in mental wellness, Riliv's social media campaigns reach 50 million people annually, boasting over 120 million yearly organic impressions and a dedicated following of 1 million supporters. With tailored programs for employee mental wellness and over 900,000 counseling sessions, Riliv is reshaping mental health in Indonesia.