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people sitting on chair

This inquiry revealed a critical need—innovators and "investors" must comprehend the genuine pain points faced by Ministries before introducing innovations. In response, HIEx emerged, envisioning a neutral platform fostering meaningful dialogue among healthcare policymakers, innovators, and investors.

Situated in Geneva, the global health capital, we enable trust and dialogues between the UN, Ministries, innovators from both public and private sectors, and investors. Over the past five years, these conversations have led to the facilitation of numerous partnerships. These collaborations not only increased access to financing for scaling innovations but also deepened the understanding of the innovation ecosystem in Africa and Asia.

Our unwavering commitment persists—to leverage innovation and investments to tackle the fundamental challenge: one in two people still lack access to essential healthcare.

During the 2018 UN General Assembly, a pivotal question echoed in discussions with Ministers of Health from Africa and Asia:


HIEx operates on three key pillars that collectively drive transformative change in healthcare: Convening, Ecosystem Building, and Investment Acceleration. In the global health hub of Geneva, we leverage our strategic presence to unite diverse stakeholders, including policy influencers, innovators, and investors.

Through dynamic forums, such as think tanks, conferences, and networking events, we foster multi-sectoral dialogues. This convergence of minds cultivates a profound understanding of innovation's potential to enhance healthcare accessibility. It also establishes a trusted platform for candid conversations, facilitating progressive policies and increased investments.

Furthermore, HIEx is committed to building robust healthcare ecosystems. Our approach interlinks startups, investors, governments, and academia, nurturing synergies that yield groundbreaking solutions.

This holistic approach ensures the sustainable growth and advancement of access to healthcare for the most vulnerable.

To bring innovation to life, strategic investment is paramount. HIEx serves as a catalyst, facilitating the flow of funding to healthcare entrepreneurs. By connecting innovators with the necessary financial resources and expertise, we enable transformative projects. These initiatives bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility and quality, ultimately improving the well-being of communities worldwide.

Our Approach

Pradeep Kakkattil, CEO

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Our success is powered by a dedicated team of professionals, each bringing unique expertise and unwavering passion. From healthcare experts and innovation strategists to communicators and project managers, our team embodies our mission and drives our impact. The core organization below is further supported by in-country staff and teams.

Alex Lerner

Communications Officer

Paula Navajas, COO

Chief Operating Officer

Biju Jacob, CTO

Chief Technology Officer

Joyce Kuku

Office Manager

Virginie Mongonou

Resource Mobilization Consultant

Navneet Tewatia

Senior Advisor External Relations + Partnerships

Anand Tiwari

Senior Advisor External Relations + Partnerships

Our Team

Luyolo Mafu

Communications Intern

At HIEx, collaboration is not just a practice; it's the cornerstone of our mission to transform healthcare globally. We take immense pride in forging strong partnerships with a diverse network of like-minded innovators, organizations, and stakeholders who share our unwavering passion for driving positive change in global health.

Together, we navigate the frontiers of innovation, working hand-in-hand to address the complex challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Explore the dynamic and valuable collaborations that propel our mission forward and contribute to the collective journey of revolutionizing healthcare.