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The Value of Partnership: Health Entrepreneurs and UNAIDS

Scientific knowledge and new technologies can help us bridge the gap in access to good health and wellbeing. However, many innovations that could be potential game changers do not reach countries and communities on a scale that will have impact. We believe that to maximize the impact of technology and innovation, there is a need to ensure political leadership for adoption of innovations.

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Health Innovation Exchange: Health Innovation Exchange takes delegation to Ethiopia

Ethiopia loses around US$250 million per year with Ethiopians travelling to seek medical care outside the country. In addition, around 40% of Ethiopia’s health centres with no electricity and 50% have no access to clean water. In light of these challenges, Ethiopia is making great strides to improve its own healthcare system, ensure a response that meet the needs of all its citizens and delivers across sectors.

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Le L’Onusida lance Health Innovation Exchange

L’Assemblée mondiale de la santé 2019 a été l’occasion de lancer «Health Innovation Exchange», une nouvelle initiative de l’Onusida qui vise à soutenir les efforts internationaux pour réaliser des innovations et des investissements qui bénéficient à tous. Afin d’exploiter le potentiel des innovations pour améliorer la santé de tous, l’Onusida et ses partenaires ont lancé dernièrement une nouvelle initiative baptisée «Health Innovation Exchange». Cette initiative, qui a été présentée en marge de l’Assemblée mondiale de la santé (du 20 au 28 mai à Genève), va mettre en relation les innovateurs avec les investisseurs et les innovations avec les responsables de la mise en œuvre des programmes. «Health Innovation Exchange» vise ainsi à soutenir les efforts internationaux pour atteindre les Objectifs de développement durable (ODD). «Health Innovation Exchange permet de connecter les solutions aux problèmes rencontrés par les systèmes de santé. Il s’agit de travailler dans l’esprit de...

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Focus on Africa: Health Innovation Exchange Marketplace, quality health accessible also to poor countries

What happens if we bring together innovative solutions, public and private investors and local non-profit organizations with people who are familiar with the health needs and emergencies in different countries, in particular in the developing ones? Perhaps, we can really change the world and get closer and closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is what happened at the Health Innovation Exchange Marketplace, three days in which the Top 20 health innovations selected by Unaids were presented to Health Ministers and stakeholders around the world. Enthusiasm is contagious and becomes an incredible accelerator, when combined with the effectiveness of already developed technologies, which respond to real health problems, which in developing countries can often become emergencies. And at the Health Innovation Exchange Marketplace, effectiveness is not lacking, the common denominator of all the selected innovations is found in the ease and usability of the...

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