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Provo, United States In the market and ready to scale

Speech Digital Biomarker Technology

Diagnosing behavioral health conditions through speech analysis technology

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA In the market and ready to scale

Complete Insect Repellent

Patented topical formula repelling mosquitoes to block insect-borne diseases

Boston, USA (HQ); Bangalore, India Pilot stage

Risk-based Financing for Cancer Care

Connecting millions of underrepresented patients to precision medicine

Moddin, Israel Ready to Scale

OCON Healthcare

The first & only novel 3D “smart” intrauterine drug-delivery technology that fully adapts to the female anatomy

San Francisco, California, USA Ready to Scale

Woebot Health

Digital Therapeutics; Relational Technologies; Mental Health; Artificial Intelligence; Relational Agent

Lausanne, Switzerland Ready to scale


Drone-based logistics for healthcare

Drone Delivery Solution

Kolkata, India Ready to Scale

Hellolyf CX Digital Dispensary

Safe Telemedicine with remote examination, instant investigations, automated medicine dispensing

Abuja, Nigeria Market Ready


Low cost health insurance that accepts cash or recyclables as premium in 1170 hospitals

New York, United States Ready to Scale


20 years history providing clinical decision support on 3,000+ diseases including AI/ML for infectious disease recognition

Tokyo, Japan Pilot


Novel urine rapid POC TB test for HIV infected individuals

Guadalajara (Mexico), Santiago (Chile), Madrid (Spain) Ready to Scale

Find - Unima

Fast and low cost diagnostics for real-time disease surveillance

Hyderabad, India Market Ready


Covid-19 pre-screening with the sound of the cough, and additional biomarkers

Mumbai, India Ready to Scale


Personalised pregnancy and baby care solution for mothers, health providers and healthcare organisations

Kenya Ready to Scale

one2one Integrated Digital Platform

Stepped Care Model; an evidence-based, staged system for free information on HIV, AIDS, sexuality and SRHR

Kenya Ready to Scale

Ilara Health

Equipping peri-urban healthcare providers in Kenya with essential diagnostic tools

Kigali, Rwanda Pilot


Self-care digital platform supporting adolescents to prevent unplanned pregnancy and HIV in Rwanda

Global Ready to Scale


A period tracker application for girls

Singapore Ready to Scale


Digital platform for coordinating health services, medicine delivery and insurance in rural areas

Helsinki, Finland and Silicon Valley, USA Market Ready


AI Powered Optical Detection against Counterfeit Medicines, Medical Products & Illicit Substances

Rome, Italy Ready to Scale


UV free led lighting technology killing viruses and bacteria whilst being safe for humans

London, United Kingdom Ready to Scale


Augmented reality platform to connect clinicians remotely in real-time

Nairobi, Kenya Ready to Scale


An efficient Hand-washing device that multi-dispenses water and soap separately

Brazil / UK Ready to Scale

ePHealth Primary Care Solution

Primary Care platform to connect 100% of the population

Accra, Ghana Ready to Scale


Offline mobile system for reducing emergency response times

Hangzhou, China Ready to Scale

Alibaba CT Image Analytics for COVID-19

AI diagnostic tool that can identify COVID-19 characteristics in CT scans

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria Pilot

Project Lend an Arm

Smart blood bank solution connecting banks, hospital and donors

Cambridge, United Kingdom Ready to Scale


Biometric identification solution for the last mile setting

Gaithersburg, U.S.A. Ready to Scale

Blood Stasis DNA/RNA Tube (BST)

Device for Biosample collection, transport and ambient stabilization

Boston, U.S.A. Ready to Scale


Mobile case management tool for tracking clients through a continuum of care

Brazil Ready to Scale

Portal Telemedicina

Digital healthcare center that provides diagnostics by doctors using machine learning

Seattle, Washington Ready to Scale

Tasso OnDemand Blood Collection

Clinical-grade, at-home, self-sampling blood collection

India In the market and ready to scale

eMpower - Community-led technology-based outreach

User friendly tablet application for Outreach Workers to provide care and support services to the PLHIV and family members

U.K. and China In the market and ready to scale

Pay-It-Forward: Contagious Kindness in Health

Crowdsourcing model that increases in infectious disease testing

Finland Pilot Stage


Low-cost, portable digital microscope scanner.

USA Pilot Stage


Smartphone-based system that uses unique computer vision technology to evaluate the authenticity of solid oral medications.

France In the market and ready to scale

Exacto Self-Test HIV

HIV self testing (micro-testing)

Switzerland In the market and ready to scale

Plasma Separation Cards

Stable and easy-to-use sample collection device for HIV plasma viral load

Switzerland In the market and ready to scale


E-Health system for those living with HIV

China In the market and ready to scale


Male circumcision device allowing for standard surgical procedure

India In the market and ready to scale


The Truenat MTB/MTB-RIF test brings molecular diagnosis to the patient with its ability to be deployed at near-care locations.

India Go-to-market strategy developed

TimBre - Tuberculosis Screening

Non-invasive screen of pulmonary tuberculosis

Kenya In the market and ready to scale


Mobile-based health financing technology platform

U.S.A. Pilot Stage

QuantiFERON TB Access

Low complexity TB infection screening test

Cameroon In the market and ready to scale


Pan-African Payment platform giving unbanked users access to basic financial and health services

China In the market and ready to scale

Intelligent Methadone Take-Home Box

Medical box with management software allowing methadone clients to administer dosage at home

Lithuania In the market and ready to scale

Oxipit ChestEye

AI technology able to provide preliminary reports on chest X-ray images automatically

Malawi Proof of concept developed

Health Centre by Phone - Chipatala cha pa Foni

mHealth initiative that bridges access of rural residents in Malawi to expert health care

China Go-to-market strategy developed


Medical imaging assisted screening through deep learning technology

Netherlands & Uganda In the market and ready to scale

Healthy Entrepreneurs

Business model developing social entrepreneurs through basic health products

Italy Go-to-market strategy developed


First auto-retractable needle syringe offering both AD-RUP and SIP