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Boston, USA (HQ); Bangalore, India

Risk-based Financing for Cancer Care

Connecting millions of underrepresented patients to precision medicine

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Pilot stage
  • Healthtech
  • Fintech
  • Cancer care
  • Data science
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Mango Sciences is a Boston based healthtech / fintech company applying data to solve this significant problem of access to innovative medicines in the developing world. Our mission is to ensure access to innovative, life-saving cancer care for everyone across the globe. Currently, there are 12M people diagnosed with cancer annually across the developing world which is expected to double in the coming decade. In the West, the standard of care for cancer treatment are novel targeted immunotherapies. Unfortunately, they have average price tags of $30,000 USD for a treatment cycle. Unlike in the West, >90% of cancer care is paid for out of pocket in the developing world, which means the vast majority of cancer patients can't afford these life saving treatments. Mango Sciences solves this problem by enabling risk-based financing. 1) We help finance cancer treatments where patients pay over a period of 3-4 years, but only based on the clinical value they obtain. You pay for the drug if it works over a period of time and get a significant discount if it doesn't. 2) We leverage our access to a large volume of clinical cancer data from partner hospitals which enables us to predict and track how a cancer drug works for specific patients. Mango Sciences is a platform across the ecosystem of hospitals, global pharmaceutical companies and financial lenders to enable patients to access life saving cancer care.


Innovator: Mango Sciences

Boston, USA (HQ); Bangalore, India