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Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Complete Insect Repellent

Patented topical formula repelling mosquitoes to block insect-borne diseases

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In the market and ready to scale
  • Insect repellent
  • Insect-borne disease
  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
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Biting mosquitoes are everywhere, but quality repellents are not. Because epidemics of malaria, Dengue fever and Zika virus have affected millions all over the planet, LivFul designed a ground-breaking product to stop these dangerous infections before they begin. LivFul’s approach to blocking insect-borne disease has been revolutionary but simple. We repel mosquitoes for 14 hours with a patented topical formula that’s safe, effective and gentle enough for everyone in the family. No need to kill mosquitoes, change mosquito DNA, use harsh sprays or confine people to indoor spaces. This game-changing lotion gives every person the freedom to live, work and play—where and whenever they choose—without the fear of contracting an insect—borne disease. Our Insect repellent is long-lasting with 14 hours of protection, DEET-free, and gentle enough for everyone over 2months old.

COUNTRIES OF IMPLEMENTATION: Nigeria, Ghana, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahamas, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands

Innovator: LivFul, Inc

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA