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Lausanne, Switzerland


Drone-based logistics for healthcare

Drone Delivery Solution

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Drone-based delivery; AirBridge; VTOL technology; last-mile logistics

RigiTech works to redefine last-mile inter-city logistics using a large-payload, sustainable drone-based delivery system. Our goal is to bring to light the real advantages of drone technology. Problems such as unequal accessibility to goods significantly affect habitants from certain villages. By flying over crowded cities, rivers, lakes and mountains, we are able to cut delivery times and make access to medicine and medical devices nearly instant. Our solution is called AirBridge -- A direct, pre-programmed aerial delivery route that connects two locations, and can be combined into an AirBridge Network. Fully-autonomous drone-based logistics can reduce delivery times and cut transport costs by ten times compared to ground transportation. Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) technology means the drone can operate out of tight areas. AirBridge Networks simplify logistics by integrating software, hardware, and communications into one turnkey delivery solution. The RigiTech AirBridge solution integrates the latest cutting-edge technology in communications, AI-based computing, and aerodynamics into one reliable delivery system. Our customer-focused services make the planning, setup and deployment of an AirBridge Network simple and efficient without the need for any prior knowledge in aircraft or regulations. RigiTech’s drone logistics software is the brains that powers our entire drone delivery system: through the RigiCloud dashboard you can pre-program routes, send your drones on their way, and track their progress in real-time. RigiCloud notifies local aviation authorities so they can track the drone, ensuring a safe operation. Our cloud platform includes a Network Planner, linking all your sites with AirBridge routes at the click of a button, and letting our AI-based tools optimise and simulate the flight paths for compliance, a Multi-drone Control Tower, allowing you to monitor and control your entire drone network from a single control screen, live, while integrating into common airspace through UTM, a Logistics Centre which easily schedules and tracks deliveries, connecting to your own logistics backend, and a Compliance Centre to manage flight history, operator training and equipment maintenance are automatically tracked for compliance.

COUNTRIES OF IMPLEMENTATION: Switzerland, France, Portugal, Senegal


Lausanne, Switzerland