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Ilara Health

Equipping peri-urban healthcare providers in Kenya with essential diagnostic tools

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Affordable diagnostic tests are currently inaccessible to millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Across the continent, 500 million people struggle to access even a simple blood test. At Ilara Health, we believe every patient should have access to accurate, affordable diagnostics for their healthcare needs.

Accurate diagnostics are the first step to quality healthcare, integral to good health and well-being, and an essential part of every patient’s journey. We work to solve the problem of low availability and underutilization of life-saving diagnostics in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting in Kenya, by enabling providers and patients to access diagnostic technologies that were previously out of reach.


Ilara Health is able to add value by providing the following:

  • Decentralized Network: Ilara connects their trusted network of health providers and patients to affordable, tech-powered, point-of-care devices that can be distributed locally so patients get the tests they need, where and when they need them.

  • Affordable Key Diagnostics: Ilara brings tech-enabled point-of-care devices to peri-urban healthcare providers, so that diagnostics tests become accessible and affordable to millions. Their current devices address the majority of demand observed in the markets they currently operate in, targeting primarily four health areas: metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and maternal health. Healthcare providers can access a variety of diagnostics, from diabetic marker analyzers, portable EKGs, and point-of-care ultrasound devices, and soon visual acuity tools, respiratory devices, blood test devices and cancer diagnostics.

  • Accessible financing: Ilara’s model allows providers to quickly adopt our devices through flexible financing options. Providers pay either fixed, monthly subscription fees or variable payments based on device type and usage which guarantees that providers can bypass initial costly investments and use this tech at a fraction of the cost. Their diagnostics come with insurance for continued utility and opportunity to upgrade.

  • Low Complexity: Ilara’s diagnostics are user-friendly and can be deployed with nurses and clinical officers, circumventing the need for expensive laboratory equipment or high-level technical specialists who are typically out of reach to peri-urban healthcare facilities.

  • User-Friendly System: All of Ilara’s diagnostic tools are integrated into one system that securely stores patient data, enabling providers to access patient histories for more robust information transfer and engage with patients to drive health-seeking behavior change. Ilara Health can manage devices remotely, supporting troubleshooting and training.



Emilian Popa - Ilara Health