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Mumbai, India


Personalised pregnancy and baby care solution for mothers, health providers and healthcare organisations

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CareMother, is an innovative mobile maternal care program launched in 2015, designed for quality pregnancy care. The specific focus of the solution is to provide the quality antenatal services and postnatal Services to the marginalized population so as to reduce the disparities in terms of affordability and accessibility. It is given to the frontline Health Workers who often lack the tools that could enable them to actively engage with community and take up health intervention. In this context, CareMother acts as a unified platform to connect the pregnant woman to a remotely operable doctor through health worker.

The solution comprises a portable diagnostic kit, smart phone application and a real time web portal. The solution designed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools which automate the processes and establishes a real-time digital connection between the pregnant woman and the doctor also allows the policy decision makers to take timely evidence-based decisions. It is designed in a manner which can be easily executed by NGO, Public Health centers of the Government and Private Hospitals

Care in the antenatal period (including clinical attention, nutrition, etc.) is an opportunity to promote a positive pregnancy experience, improve maternal and child survival, and ensure appropriate physical and cognitive development of the child in the critical 1000 day period of life. CareMother is a complete solution for pregnancy care and has been designed with the specific purpose of providing quality antenatal and postnatal services to the underserved and marginalized populations around the world.The tests include height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin, urine protein and sugar, blood sugar, fundal height and fetal heart rate. Trained frontline workers can deliver personalized pregnancy care through the DST that fetches data from doorstep antenatal tests and classifies risk and further course of action. 

To support mothers during the pandemic, a COVID-19 Assessment and Screener tool has been added to CareMother. This supports mothers with information on special care in terms of tests to be undertaken, diet and nutrition, during the antenatal period, based on their risk assessment. CareMother has also launched a video series on care during pregnancy named, ‘Don’t Panic, Protect’ to inform mothers on how to care for their pregnancy during the outbreak.



CareNX Innovations Private Limited

Mumbai, India