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Guadalajara (Mexico), Santiago (Chile), Madrid (Spain)

Find - Unima

Fast and low cost diagnostics for real-time disease surveillance

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With Find, Unima is solving the problem of lack of access to a timely diagnostic for almost half of the world's population living in emerging and developing countries. Current diagnostic technologies are very precise and can detect almost any disease known, but these require specialized equipment and technicians that are scarce in these countries. This makes it almost impossible to scale up diagnostics to achieve universal coverage.

Unima developed Find, a fast and low-cost diagnostic and disease surveillance technology. Find allows anyone to diagnose a disease directly where the patient is, without using lab equipment, with results in 15 minutes and at $1 USD per test. With this technology, Unima is taking diagnostics outside of the lab and into the most remote areas of the world.

Find uses genetically engineered shark proteins printed in paper microfluidic devices to detect disease biomarkers in patient samples and the result of the test is evaluated by a smartphone app running image analysis processes and artificial intelligence algorithms to generate a very accurate result. These results along with contextual information like geolocation, date and time are sent to a cloud server where it is used for real-time disease surveillance.

With this platform technology, Unima has developed tests for diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV and COVID-19 which are being used in the countries of Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Currently, Unima is also developing easy to use and low-cost diagnostic biosensors for global impact diseases like Diabetes, Anemia, Dengue, Zika and animal health diseases which will impact the access to healthcare for hundreds of millions in the following years. These tests will provide real-time disease surveillance information which will help governments and healthcare organizations to generate better strategies to eradicate diseases or stop disease outbreaks and pandemics. By using a novel "Diagnostic Platform as a Service" Business Model, this technology will support the work of international health organizations, health NGOs, Governments and pharma companies in the Global Health, Public Health, Private Health and Animal Health market segments assisting with disease diagnostics.

Unima works in collaboration with key global health organizations to increase the impact of the Find technology and are looking for new partners and users to develop new applications in infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and potential non-disease applications.




Guadalajara (Mexico), Santiago (Chile), Madrid (Spain)