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New York, United States


20 years history providing clinical decision support on 3,000+ diseases including AI/ML for infectious disease recognition

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VisualDx is an award-winning, point of care clinical decision support system that has become a standard medical professional resource at more than 2,300+ medical universities, hospitals, and other clinical sites world-wide. VisualDx combines problem-oriented search with the world’s best curated medical image library of disease, expert knowledge & sophisticated machine learning algorithms to aid with differential diagnosis, variation, treatment, and patient communication.

Impact Vision & Context

“Nearly every person will experience a diagnostic error in their lifetime”

– Institute of Medicine 2015

The austere environment of low and middle income countries (LMIC) makes supporting the skill mix and number of health workers challenging. There are more trainees than the system can support via traditional interventions. There are also not enough specialists whilst digital solutions along with new training guidelines are needed. Keeping this in mind, in addition to the fact that medical care globally is transforming from a memory-based to a memory-assisted paradigm, VisualDx has developed a curated representation of medical knowledge is the best way to efficiently understand, communicate and apply complex information.


Core Competencies

  • Interoperability: VisualDx integrated into major EMR/ EHR systems
  • World’s largest and best expert curated medical image library – representing variation of disease in skin color pigmentation
  • Machine Learning and AI technology for diagnosing skin lesions
  • Diagnostic pearls, management and therapy for 3,500+ conditions
  • Review over 50,000+ medication reactions and adverse drug events
  • Application in multiple languages
  • VisualDx has been proven to save time, improve patient outcomes, and enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • Generalists receive on avg. 21 hours of training in dermatology and other specialty areas of medicine
  • Over 65% of skin conditions are seen by non-dermatologists
  • 48% of non-dermatologists misdiagnose skin conditions
  • Accurate: Increase of 120% in accurate diagnosis for non-dermatologists with just 4 minutes of training on VisualDx


VisualDx has already implemented their decision support system through the following partnerships:

  1. Senior Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) VisualDx partnered with the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA), the largest integrated health care system in the U.S. The VA subscription grants all clinical staff in more than 1,200 facilities, nationwide access to VisualDx, including an add-on feature, DermExpert.
  2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF is supporting VisualDx in the development of off-line capabilities to enhance PHC in rural communities in LMIC’s. VisualDx is also modifying the underlying data structures to support integration of local and contextual therapy recommendations.

  3. Kenya: Primary Care Clinics in Nairobi VisualDx partnered with MicroClinic Technologies to enable primary care physicians in clinics throughout Nairobi with VisualDx. MCT uses VisualDx to manage 2nd opinion case reports for high risk patients for insurance providers in Kenya.

  4. Botswana: Universities & Associated Teaching Hospitals In collaboration with educators from UPenn and the International League of Dermatologic Societies (ILDS), VisualDx is working with key stakeholders in Botswana to educate students, residents and physicians in diagnostic clinical reasoning. The program includes 3 UB campus sites, 8 hospitals and numerous local clinics to have an impact on 6 of the country's 10 high impact districts.

  5. Nigeria: Primary Care Clinics in Lagos and Kano States VisualDx is collaborating with a network of private primary care clinics to reduce referrals and better diagnose patients with eye, CV, thyroid and STD related diseases.




New York, United States