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Portal Telemedicina

Digital healthcare center that provides diagnostics by doctors using machine learning

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Portal Telemedicina aims to mitigate the lack of access to quality healthcare due to the uneven geographical distribution of health professionals by providing reliable, fast, and low-cost diagnostics in over 300 cities in Brazil and Africa. Portal Telemedicina allows doctors to diagnose patients digitally using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Telediagnostic Platform integrates directly with medical devices, as well as RIS and PACs systems, capturing and transferring data directly from the device, through the Cloud, and delivering the diagnosis to the doctors within the Platform. Using AI automation combined with the interface’s preformatted diagnostic buttons to minimize the need to type, enables doctors to diagnose 10x more exams per hour. The biggest advantage is that the system integrates directly with medical devices, which enables capturing and sending data from exams, through the cloud, to the specialist doctor, without human intervention. Finally, using Machine Learning algorithms to train the system in predicting medical findings, it is able to detect emergencies and triage the exams according to severity and risk. With innovative communication protocols and AI automation, Portal's solution enables interoperability. across systems by connecting and acquiring data straight from medical devices.

With more than 30 algorithms that automatically detect diseases, Portal Telemedicina also uses artificial intelligence to identify pneumonia caused by COVID-19. Portal’s algorithm uses TensorFlow to analyze lung images and tell if a patient has pneumonia caused by the virus, with 95% accuracy.