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Boston, U.S.A.


Mobile case management tool for tracking clients through a continuum of care

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Dimagi’s flagship technology platform, CommCare, is an award-winning, open source mobile case management platform, validated through Global Digital Good by WHO and Digital Square, that supports frontline health workers in tracking their clients through a continuum of service delivery. CommCare is used by 680,000 frontline workers around the world, who are cumulatively tracking tens of millions of people at the community level and submitting 5 million forms a day via the system.

Dimagi takes a product platform approach to digital health projects, helping ensure longevity and support models that can be sustained by local capacity in the long-term. CommCare goes beyond data collection, also providing comprehensive support for mobile users and their managers. It aims to help frontline workers more accurately track and support the registration, follow-up, and delivery of services for clients in their communities.

By running as an application on a mobile phone, CommCare is built on a decision and logic-processing platform that can support partners in delivering a wide range of services. It provides critical data-quality checks and calculations at each point of service. The tool aims to help partners to track and support client registration and follow-up alongside the CommCare web platform that includes workforce performance monitoring dashboards designed to assist project managers in better supporting frontline workers as they deliver critical program interventions in the field. The tool also can include multimedia and audiovisual prompts to convey important health messaging to beneficiaries during home visits made by the frontline health worker or during consultations at the health center. CommCare can support SMS workflows to support reminders for health workers to follow-up on patients as well as to patients themselves.

Additionally, CommCare provides a turn-key system that enables non-developers to quickly build mobile applications and SMS interactions and workflows. This enables CommCare to meet aggressive timelines and provides the benefit of allowing very fast iteration on the user experience by allowing multiple rounds of user testing.

The end-result is a product that is well matched to the expectations of the users. Furthermore, the fact that this system does not require software development expertise to make changes also means that an application built on CommCare can be easily handed off to a local team for maintenance without requiring staff with extensive technical skills. The long-term sustainability of these applications is high as local staff can make changes to the system over time and can pass on responsibility over multiple staff changes without requiring external training.




Boston, U.S.A.