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Gaithersburg, U.S.A.

Blood Stasis DNA/RNA Tube (BST)

Device for Biosample collection, transport and ambient stabilization

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The Blood STASIS™ 21-DNA/RNA is a plastic, evacuated tube used for collection, anti-coagulation, stabilization, transport, and storage of venous whole blood as well as for the preservation of blood genomic DNA (gDNA) and RNA. The Blood STASIS Technology consists of three products; Blood STASIS DNA/RNA, Blood STASIS CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) and Blood STASIS ccf-DNA (circulating cell free DNA) that can be used for blood specimen collection, transport and storage.

Key benefits:

     - gDNA are stable for up to 21 days at 4°C to 37°C
     - RNA is stable for up to 7 days 4°C to 37°C
     - High yield and high-quality genomic DNA and RNA
     - Prevents effect of time, storage conditions on blood samples integrity
     - Allows samples to be batched to improve laboratory efficiency
     - Preserve and Maintain Sample Integrity for 21 days
     - Compatible with various extraction/purification techniques
     - No formaldehyde fixative



Dr. Hyacinth Ntchobo/MagBio Genomics Inc.

Gaithersburg, U.S.A.