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Brazil / UK

ePHealth Primary Care Solution

Primary Care platform to connect 100% of the population

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ePHealth Primary Care Solution is a unique Primary Health Care platform with applications for: Community Health Workers, Nurses, Citizen, Covid-19 Triage, Tropical Diseases and a cloud based system for Community Health Workers.

EPHealth’s primary care solution has reached more than 3.5 Million people, in 3.711 cities, in 1 million households, with more than 33.000 Community Health Workers. 50 City halls in 10 states have bought our platform to enhance their health strategies, since small rural cities in remote areas with 2.000 habitants, to big urban cities like São Bernardo do Campo (SP), and Paraisópolis Slum in São Paulo city, are being benefited from our platform.

EPHealth is currently partnering with Academic Research Organizations to enhance scientific evidence in Primary Care interventions at community level, especially for underserved areas.



Pedro Marton Pereira / ePHealth

Brazil / UK