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Rome, Italy


UV free led lighting technology killing viruses and bacteria whilst being safe for humans

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BIOVITAE® is a patented UV-free LED microbicidal light that, thanks to the emission of specific wavelengths of the visible spectrum, sanitizes the environment and the surfaces from germs – without sterilizing, as it would be harmful to our health – and controls bacterial proliferation, acting in synergy with the natural resiliency of our immune system.

Biovitae is effective on all types of GRAM+ and GRAM– bacteria, fungi, spores, and molds. BIOVITAE® is not harmful to people or animals under prolonged and continuous use which is certified through its compliance with IEC 62778 directive. Furthermore, Biovitae has also recently been proven to be highly effective on the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Biovitae is a game changer for the following reasons:

  • It is effective on all types of GRAM+ and GRAM– bacteria, fungi, spores, and molds
  • It reduces overuse of antibiotics and contributes to the fight against antimicrobial resistance
  • Passive safety and requires no training as all that is required is the simple action of switching the light on.
  • It is extremely scaleable as Biovitae comes in the form of a standard LED bulb (and can also be made in every other lighting fixture/form/shape) making it compatible with all current lighting systems. This allows Biovitae to offer real infection control in existing infrastructure.

Biovitae’s versatility allows for a wide range of application areas such as at home and in public places such as airports, airplanes, schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, vehicles, gyms, intensive livestock farming, and food processing facilities, where there is a higher risk of outbreak of infections.



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Rome, Italy