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Helsinki, Finland and Silicon Valley, USA


AI Powered Optical Detection against Counterfeit Medicines, Medical Products & Illicit Substances

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TrueMed builds a safer world without counterfeit medicines, medical products and illicit substances. TrueMed is the first 100% non-additive counterfeit detection solution that can identify counterfeit medicines and medical products instantly and optically, without a requirement to add anything to the product or product packaging. TrueMed brings life-saving optical detection to any smartphone through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. Professional end-users in pharmaceutical industry, public safety and public health can run the detection with their existing mid-range smartphones, hence the system is light and easy to scale. The pictures taken with smartphones are instantly analyzed, identified and classified in secure cloud servers.

Identifiable items include packages, labels, blister packs, vials, bottles, pills and even powders.

TrueMed’s AI is trained by using existing production files or alternatively less than 10 images per an authentic source item. TrueMed platform provides comprehensive forensic tools and helps security professionals in their daily tasks: analysis, reporting and tracing.

TrueMed has several patents pending and the solution provides strong benefits:

  • 100% non-additive protection method.
  • Instant identification: Detect counterfeits at any part of the supply chain.
  • Fast, efficient and portable: On-demand service in every mobile phone with a decent camera.
  • Rapid deployment: AI trained with a few images of the target or just existing production print files.
  • Safe and secure: Detect even through plastic without compromising the safety of the user.
  • Comprehensive data analytics: Trace sources and routes of counterfeits, compare them to similar items seen before anywhere in the world.
  • Universal coverage: Identify any counterfeits of legacy products in the market as well as new products on the pipeline.

TrueMed is looking for customers and partnerships in public health, public safety and pharmaceutical industry. We can provide our service flexibly, rapidly and globally.

TrueMed is also interested in grants, loans and venture capital investments. Let‘s have a meeting!




TrueMed Oy

Helsinki, Finland and Silicon Valley, USA