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Digital platform for coordinating health services, medicine delivery and insurance in rural areas

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Reach52’s approach addresses primary healthcare access across a broad range of conditions and illnesses among remote populations, with specific focus on: communicable disease; non-communicable disease; maternal and child health. They also work to address cross-cutting issues of out-of-pocket payments and access to medicines. This is accomplished through use of community-integrated peer worker networks; innovative supply-chain management strategies; and our offline-first mHealth platform. As a result, reach52 provides a last-mile extension of centralised healthcare infrastructure: maximising the efficiency of government primary care clinics and filling gaps with affordable private sector products to combat the traditional barriers of physical and financial healthcare access. This includes enabling ‘last-mile’ availability of affordable medicines; micro-insurance, OTC products; and screening/diagnostic services.

Their model enables a precision, data driven localised approach, which sees unique targeted interventions developed for each partner-community. These approaches are based on the analytics of datasets comprised of detailed individual-level health profiles of each local resident, collected by reach52. This is enabled by their leading edge, offline-capable digital health tools.

Their suite of technology is as follows:

  • reach52 Access: Used by Community Health Workers for health data collection, community outreach engagement (information and event management) and connections to government primary care clinics (appointments and telehealth). This application is highly configurable for various campaigns or interventions. It can record a range of healthcare indicators, such as height, weight and blood pressure, along with current symptoms and populations disease prevalence. There are also features focusing on health worker education, aimed at strengthening local systems.

  • reach52 Marketplace, a marketplace/eCommerce platform providing access to public and private health commodities and services in one place, including low-cost medicines and micro-insurance products.

  • reach52 Logistics, managing last-mile delivery of medicines from a regulated pharmacy to rural and remote communities through community-managed micro-supply chains; and

  • reach52 Insights, which covers reporting, dashboards and data management across our platforms, giving actionable data for communities, government, non-profits and private sector to better address resident needs. At the very core, our work involves empowering women to support and improve the health and wellness of their communities. Projects are implemented by community-embedded peer workers, called Community Access Managers (CAMs), 90%+ of whom are female.

Through its strategies, reach52 aims to disassemble gender-based hierarchical structures, providing women, men and youth with the tools to attain equal outcomes.

reach52 is making healthcare go further, so every community can thrive.




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