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Kolkata, India

Hellolyf CX Digital Dispensary

Safe Telemedicine with remote examination, instant investigations, automated medicine dispensing

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Hellolyf CX Digital Dispensary is a sterilized, tech based Primary Healthcare System that can be deployed anywhere with an existing internet connection. It requires less than 100 sq. ft space, be powered by solar modules and can be installed in 4 hour, requiring only a nurse to run it.

Through - our Virtual Clinic, it can connect to doctors of any specialty anywhere in the world. The doctor can not only do a video-consultation but can remotely examine the patient, get almost all tests conducted and issue a prescription. The prescription issued gets automatically dispensed. The digital clinic has 5 major components:

  1. HellolyfCX: This is a 64 sqft prefabricated clinic which has two chambers, one for the nurse and one for the patient. There are UVC lights that disinfect the chambers within 10 minutes before the next patient enters. The walls are silvered to speed up the process and there is a transparent acrylic barrier between the nurse and the patient. Additionally, there is an aperture guarded by UVC light and an air curtain for taking samples and using the IoT devices. Positive pressure is maintained through a HIPA filter / UVC disinfected air filter system.

  2. The HIPAA compliant, encrypted, 128 Bit SSL secured webRTC based virtual clinic system allows patients & doctors to connect to each other real time. Doctors of all specialties and languages are available. Doctors can connect through the HellolyfDr app so they can give consultations even when mobile.

  3. LitmusDX: It is a Clinical Decision Support System based on semantic algorithms, Expert Knowledge System & Artificial Intelligence to help doctors make better decisions. By inputting the required symptoms & vitals the system is able to predict the tests needed. It also recommends diagnosis, treatment protocols, titrates dosages, checks for contraindications, drug, food & alcohol interactions and helps create a safe prescription.

  4. LitmusMX: It is an integrated Internet of Things based Telemedicine terminal that allows remote examination using a digital stethoscope, otoscope, laryngoscope, rhinoscope, dermascope, fetal doppler, digital ECG and also allows clinical investigations to be done instantly using rapid diagnostic kits and Point of Care dry biochemistry etc. It has power, audio-visual equipment, CPU & connectivity modules built in. Needs a nurse to operate it.

  5. LitmusRX: It is an automated medicine dispenser with refrigeration for cold chain management. Each unit can hold upto 100 different kinds of medicines. The motherboard reads the prescription directly and dispenses medicines.

The HellolyfCX Digital Dispensary System unifies all components of primary care system (consultation + exam + test + medication) into one box, makes it simple to be delivered by a single nurse within a maximum of 30 minutes, ensures quality of care through CDSS. It can be safely deployed even in a pandemic situation and disinfects the whole apparatus after every consult. It reduces costs and removes inconvenience. It fills the gaps of doctor shortages and allows every such clinic to connect to any doctor. The system is capable of collecting outcomes and creating geo-spatial analytics which can not only create evidence but guide healthcare systems.



Glocal Healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, India