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Mobile-based health financing technology platform

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M-TIBA is an innovative mobile healthcare payment platform that directly connects payers (governments, donors, and investors), doctors and patients, and exchanges money and data between them – supporting greater coverage of health insurance schemes through the simplest mobile phone. Funds dedicated for healthcare only are accessible via the ‘health wallet’, and can be used to pay for services, health insurance and medication at accredited healthcare facilities. M-TIBA constitutes a pioneering means to combine disease specific and general healthcare financing, enabling more effective targeting of funds to maximize reach and efficiency of healthcare provision and enable inclusion in health insurance schemes, critical to achieving Universal Health Coverage. With every treatment paid for through M-TIBA, medical and financial data is collected in real-time. This data provides insights to doctors and payers regarding utilization, costs and efficiency of care, in turn facilitating efficient and effective use of resources and provision of better-quality care. To date, more than 4.5 million people are connected to the mobile healthcare payment platform across Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, and able to access care at over 2000 facilities with over USD24 million worth of transactions taking place to date. In Nigeria and Tanzania, the platform is currently being incorporated into various state government health insurance schemes.



PharmAccess Foundation, Dafaricom, CarePay