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The Truenat MTB/MTB-RIF test brings molecular diagnosis to the patient with its ability to be deployed at near-care locations.

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The Truelab Real Time quantitative micro PCR system brings PCR technology right to the point-of-care, at all laboratory and non-laboratory settings, primary centres, in the field, near patient, essentially at all levels of healthcare thereby decentralizing and democratising access to molecular diagnostics. With a large and growing menu of assays for infectious diseases, this rapid, portable technology enables early and accurate diagnosis and initiation of correct treatment right at the first point of contact.

The platform is infrastructure independent and provides complete end to end solution for disease diagnosis. With proven ability to work even at Primary Health Centres and with wireless data transfer capability, this game changing technology brings in a paradigm shift to the global fight in control and management of devastating infectious diseases. The system works on disease specific Truenat microchips for conducting a real time PCR. The chips carry batch specific information and standard curve values and require only 6 μl of purified nucleic acid sample for the reaction. The chips run on the fully automatic Truelab Uno Dx real time micro PCR analyzer and quantitative results are available in about 35-40 minutes. The sample preparation (extraction and purification) is done on a fully automated, cartridge based Trueprep AUTO sample prep device. The process is simple and user friendly and takes about 20 minutes.



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