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Who we are

Health is centrally placed within the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as was unanimously agreed by all the UN member states in the year 2015. The inclusion of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as a cross-cutting and unifying objective within the SDGs presented an opportunity to promote a comprehensive and coherent approach that can spearhead gains across the health landscape, ensuring security, equity and wellbeing.

In order to achieve the ambitious health targets within the context of apparent widespread disparities across countries, regions and settings, a need to bridge the gap in access to good health and reaching the SDGs calls for rethinking on strategies so as to counter emerging challenges posed by demographic, socio economic and environmental factors.

This significantly involves drawing on new technologies and innovations and leveraging on new investment opportunities to enable countries fast-track progress and leapfrog their health responses, culminating in the attainment of envisioned goal i.e., Universal Health Coverage for all.

Scientific knowledge and new technologies are crucial to all aspects of society, sectors and markets, and can have the potential to transform healthcare systems into accessible and sustainable ones. However, many innovations that could be potential game changers do not reach countries and communities on scale, to have the desired impact. To maximize the impact of technology and innovation, willingness of political leadership to adopt innovations, driven by identified needs of countries can help entrepreneurs and innovators tailor and adapt their innovations to specific contexts for sustainable solutions. Despite commitment by innovators, gaps created due to missing links on translation of needs between governments and innovators pose a challenge and also lack of significant investments prevents adequate scale-up.

In order to bridge this gap and crystallize the innovative initiatives towards health, the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) identifies critical pain points in health responses of countries and connects the implementers to innovative new solutions and technologies. The HIEx, as a global entity, also connects funders and investors to innovators, thereby synergizing innovations with investments to ensure implementation of new solutions on scale for sustainable impact on journey towards the SDG3 goals.


Support countries, particularly in the Global South, to implement and leverage innovations for health in a cross-sectoral manner to fast-track progress towards the SDGs and to enable people to live healthier lives.


A world where ALL people have access to high quality and affordable healthcare services, and live healthy, productive and happy lives.

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